Free eBook: Auction Fatfingers - profit from other peoples mistakes!

Searching for misspelled auction items on Ebay can be fun and a good way to pick up some real bargains but you can make real money by correctly relisting the misspelled items that you buy to make a profit !

This process is known as Ebay Arbitrage and relies upon the fact that misspelled auctions on Ebay are difficult to find. Because of this they get less bids and usually sell for less. This means that you can buy something cheaper than normal and then sell it for a profit.

Whilst this is straightforward in principle:

  • How do you ensure that you don't pay too much ?
  • How much should you expect your correctly listed item to sell for ?
  • What's the best way to relist the item to ensure that you get as much as you can ?

Our free fully-illustrated 23 page ebook shows you everything that you need to know to start making money by buying misspelled auction items and relisting them.

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