New bookmarklet makes it easy to search eBay from any web page

Whether you're a hardcore searcher of misspelled eBay items or just want a handy way to instantly search eBay for misspellings of any search phrase, our incredibly useful Javascript bookmarklet is what you need.

Mozilla FireFox users can install it simply by dragging this link Search eBay for Typos to the bookmark bar in your web browser. Internet Explorer users need to do slightly more (described in the video and set out step-by-step below) but it's worth it!

If you're unsure, the brief video below shows you how to use the bookmarklet and how to install it on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Installation instructions for Internet Explorer

  1. Right-click the bookmarklet and choose 'Add to Favourites . . .'
  2. You can click 'Yes' on the security warning, the bookmarklet uses JavaScript to copy and submitted the text that you highlight to and Internet Explorer simply wants you to be aware of this
  3. Select 'Links' from the dropdown menu next to 'Create in' and click 'Add'
  4. When you first use the bookmarklet you'll get a security warning. You can safely ignore this.

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