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Every day thousands of misspelled eBay items go unsold on eBay for one simple reason: buyers can't find them! Because sellers accidentally introduce 'fatfingers' typos into their listings eBay's built-in search tools can't find these items. These misspelled eBay items can only be found using a specialised eBay misspelling search tool such as (more information about misspelled eBay items). To uncover these eBay bargains simply enter a brand name such as Abercrombie, Motorola, Playstation or Nintendo in the search box below.

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More about misspelled eBay items

Although it is hard to believe, many eBay sellers really do fail to check their eBay auction listings before they submit them. This means that their eBay listings contain misspelled words in the titles or in the description of the auction item. Whether it's a result of a lack of attention to detail (or just having fat fingers !), these misspelled eBay items are very difficult to find without using a specialized misspelled eBay auction search tool such as

This is because eBays own built in search function only checks for correct spellings. Without using a eBay misspellings search tool, the only way to find misspelled eBay auctions is to look through the listings line by line - something that takes ages and is prone to error.

Because these misspelled eBay auctions are harder to find they get far less bids which means that they usually sell for less, if they sell at all. As a result, these fat fingers typos cost the sellers money but mean that you, the buyer, save money. In fact there are a surprising number of people who buy misspelled eBay items just to relist and sell them at a profit, a process known as eBay arbitrage. Check out our free eBay arbitrage ebook for more information on this.

You don't need fat fingers to benefit from other peoples' misspelled eBay auctions, simply enter a brand name in the search box above (our free brand name list can give you more ideas), choose your favourite eBay auction site, optionally select a category and hit search! You'll be browsing misspelled eBay items sooner than you think. Happy bargain hunting !

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